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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bronze Age Badasses

The Greeks, Assyrians, Egyptians and Persians grew powerful armies with superior arms and technologies. Even though Assyria was the undisputed super power, Persia, Greece and Egypt refused to yield.

Armies surged onto the battlefield in horse drawn chariots. Three men stood in the the chariot, two of which were armed witih bow and arrows.
Armor was used and improved upon as the bronze age smelted into the iron age. Early bronze armor was welded into ringlets around the body giving the soldier the look of the michelin tire guy. this armor was effective against the flaming arrow and sword strike but the warriors own movements were restrained.

Chariots were widely used, the Assyrians being the first to organzie calvalries who rode into battle, aggressively charging the targets to be overcome. Surge machinery was widely used in the forms of catapults and the seige engine: a wooden tower mounted on four wheels. Archers manned the top of the tower while one to two battering rams were mounted upon its pedestal.. Wet leather protcted the engine from flame arrows.
The siege engine was pushed from behind with the rest of the calvalry armed with sword and shield to continue the battle.

The battles took to the seas as well, boats using oar power rammed enemy vessels in the hope of sinking them. Grapnel hooks were used to pull a ship closer to the invader so it could be boarded. Men lined the mast and decks armed with javelins and bows, even stones were thrown to cover those invaders passing from ship to ship. Once on board, the battle would take place with sword and dagger.

Weapons have improved over the years but basic battle strategy has not. As towns grew, fortresses were built to lend protection to the towns and its inhabitants, which necessitated strategies to override town security.

I have to wonder where the diplomats and peace makers were in all of this, my research hasn't uncovered any so far. My next blog will be on famous warriors and battles as we progress through time.


Mary Ricksen said...

Sounds like a bunch of men in their day. They are all born with the battle gene aren't they?
The only difference in time is the weapons.

Jen Childers said...

Its the truth!
One doctor told me it was genetic, some defense mechanism of sorts.
I just wish we could play nice.
Remember when there was a movement to keep boys from playing with war toys? They bent their sisters barbies in half and played guns with those.