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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This is the last 'installment' on medieval garb—well, maybe. Here's a picture of my finished hat that goes with my medieval gown, which I'll be wearing at the Costume Pageant at the Historical Novel Society conference. This year the conference has a terrific lineup of agents and editors. I can't wait to see friends again, ones I made at the very first North American conference in Salt Lake City in 2005, although they're held every year in the UK.
In my June release, Jeanne of Clairmonde, the heroine is making her way, along with a handsome squire she professes to dislike, to the French court in Paris, and I thought of her as I picked out a pattern for gown and hat. I'll post a picture from the conference later, of me in my medieval outfit.
A 2010 release from Five Star is also set in France, and the musician whose story it is has the king's nephew for a patron. I imagine he sees hats much like mine when he performs for royalty.
Next week I'll be blogging about Ancient Rome, because that's what I'm working on right now—edits on another historical novel, one of a trilogy set in the last years of BC. Watch for some good recipes; the Romans were gourmands.


Helen Hardt said...

Anything set in France works for me ;). Wishing you much success!


Joyce Moore said...

Helen: Thanks for visiting, and for the kind words. I know, I'm sort of a Francophile myself. What's not to love about France?

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Joyce,
Yes, France gets to me too. Only I think my time period differs greatly from yours. I am very interested with World War 1, and I have actually visited the Somme battlefields in France. Very poignant.
Paris wasn't half bad either.

Joyce Moore said...

Margaret: Nice to hear from you! I stayed some in northern France (in Arras) and my hosts took me to Vimy and also showed me the wall near Arras with all the names of those resistance fighters the Nazis executed on that very spot (WWII). Did you go in the tunnels beneath Arras, where they hid during the war? To my American mind, all that history was amazing and they live with it every day.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Joyce,
I passed through Arras a few times, but didn't realize there were tunnels under the town.
I also went to Vimy Ridge. We also toured the battlefields in Belgium too. They were as poignant as the ones in France. I have written two romance novels set against the World War 1 background, because I feel so passioante about it.
Such a waste, a whole generation, the flower of our youth, squandered for a few hundred yards of French or Belgium mud.