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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Travel Channel: Mysteries at the Museum, Vol. 2

Linda Banche here. The Travel Channel's Mysteries at the Museum was so well received that the program is now a weekly series. A new episode will air every Tuesday at 9 E/P, starting November 9.

For a preview of the November 9 episode, see the sneak peak:

If the video is not working correctly, link to the sneak peek here.

Mysteries at the Museum: Volume 2

Page Museum: Located on the site of a bizarre natural phenomenon in LA, there are the world famous La Brea Tar Pits - a sticky mess that is also an ancient graveyard. Four million ancient bones that have been recovered from the site are now catalogued in the stacks of the Page Museum. These relics are the last link to the fantastical creatures that once roamed Southern California. Can you guess which animal that is?

National Museum of the United States Air Force: Did you know that Dayton, Ohio is the birthplace of aviation? It was home to the fathers of manned flight, Orville and Wilbur Wright, and today is the home of the National Museum of the United States Air Force. From President Kennedy’s Air Force One, to the SR71, this museum has a stunning display of extraordinary aircraft, but one stands out amongst all the rest - the Boeing B 29 Super Fortress Bomber. How did a single act from “Bockscar” seal the fate of thousands?

Cooperstown Farmer’s Museum: Cooperstown is home to a unique institution that celebrates our nation’s agrarian past, the Cooperstown Farmer’s Museum. Among the plows and pitch forks held up in this institution, a strange artifact seems totally out of place. This relic was an astonishing discovery that would fuel a debate questioning the very origins of mankind. Where could this possibly have come from?

Seattle Museum of History and Industry: As the Pacific Northwest’s largest city, Seattle is home to an institution that chronicles the rise of this metropolis over the last 150 years. Buried within its vast archives is a pair of puzzling objects. What makes these ornate iron decorations so unique is not the intricacy of their design, but where they were found. How did they arrive at a location nearly 4,000 feet up in the Cascade Mountains?

UFO Museum and Research Center: Do aliens exist? This is one of the greatest scientific questions of our times. The UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico, has several displays dealing with this very question, but one exhibit is at the heart of this debate. A life-like figure enclosed in glass appears to be a wooden man, although we can’t be sure. Why is he here and what does this have to do with some of the biggest-governmental cover-ups in history?

Smithsonian affiliated Museum of Dentistry: In 1776, Baltimore briefly served as our nation’s capital. At the Smithsonian affiliated Museum of Dentistry in this historic location, there is one artifact more intimately involved in our nation’s history than any other city. This artifact is the lower half of a set of 18th century dentures. What do these 200 year old teeth have to do with American history?

Find out the answers to these questions and more by tuning-in to the premiere of Mysteries at the Museum Tuesday, November 9, at 9 E/P. Enjoy the stories, and secrets that will be revealed.


display stands said...
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catslady said...

Where did that come from lol.

My husband was able to catch last weeks but unfortunately I missed it. Tuesday's isn't good for me but I'm hoping these will be repeated. That's what I like about the history and discover channels too lol.

Linda Banche said...

Hi catslady. I don't know what the repeat schedule it, but it must be online.