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Monday, February 21, 2011

Insult like a Shakesperean Character

Ever wanted a really fun, creative insult without resorting to profanity or crudeness? Here is a list of Shakespearean insults guaranteed to bring on laughter, or at least, looks of puzzlement. Simply choose three or four and string them together for the ultimate insult.

Here are the insults and their meaning:
chutless - rude
danish - damp/must
errant - stray
fobbin - lying
gotbellied - fat
loggerheaded - foolish
quailing - weak
saucy - insolent
unmuzzled - talkative
beef-witted - foolish
dizzy-eyed - nauseated
ill-nurtured - badly educated or trained
milk-livered - cowardly
onion-eyed - crying
pottle-dep - drunken
weather-bitten - decayed
codpiece - rogue
lewdster - sexually indulgent

So there you are. Any character you create, from the Elizabethan Era to the Victorian Era, or anyone who might have a colorful vocabulary, can throw a series of fun and unusual insults. Or, if nothing else, memorize a few for the next time you want to really shut someone up ;-) Happy insulting.

1 comment:

catslady said...

I new a few of them but gotbellied was my favorite lol.