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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The End of Southern History?

Remember as children when we were taught about the first Thanksgiving?

Pilgrims came over from England so they could go to the chruch they liked best, but once here, they almost died. Thankfully, the Indians came with food and saved the Pilgrims from starving. They had dinner and became friends.

As we got older, we learned real history was more involvled than this. On January 20th, Congress will pass a law deciding the Southern campaigns during the Ameirican Revolution needn't be taught by private citizens or businesses. All educational needs will be met by the National Park Service.

Like the Pilgrims, the parks often glaze across only the most basic points, forgetting the varied, intertwining stories making up the pattern of history.The military park in South Carolina maintains the grounds where the battle of Kings Mountain was held. In its auditorium a synopsis of the battle is shown several times a day. The gift shop offers an array of books about the battle.

What is forgotten are the contributions of black slaves and free blacks like Ismael Titus. Why would a man in bondage fight for his masters cause? Why wouldnt he shoot his captors and give the British a chance?

The Cherokee Indians excelled at guerilla warfare, blending into the forest as to be invisible, a tactic the British found barbaric. These skills were learned so well by Frances Marion, a settler dubbed "swamp fox" by his enemies. He is known as the father of guerilla warfare. The Cherokee inspired him , but what inspired the Cherokee to choose a side in a war where they had little to gain?

What was in the hearts and minds of these people who chose to take up arms for a group of people who looked down on them?

Women were never passive during the war effort. In Carthage, NC is a house riddled with holes where redcoats fired into the homestead. The lady of the house took a hatchet and bent the barrel of the rifles that were sticking through the walls, rendering the weapon useless. Let none of thier stories be forgotten.

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catslady said...

Great post. To me an education should expect children to question and then question some more. Unfortunately, it seems to be the exact opposite in most cases.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

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Alicia Moore

Cozy in Texas said...

We didn't learn anything about this in English schools which is a shame.