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Friday, February 12, 2016

A Few Favorites

I've found that almost any Regency writer--or reader--is fascinated by the Regency. This means all things to do with the early 1800's. These are a few of my favorite refrences:

Titles and Forms of Address, A&C Black Ltd. -- Because a small, handy guide is very handy.

The English Year, Roy Strong and Julia Trevelyan Oman -- A terrific book to sort out the seasons.

London-World City 1800-1810, Celina Fox -- tThis one is expensive but the images are great.

The Prince of Pleasure, J.B. Priestley - Not only a great boo but wonderful writing.

The Best Circles: Society, Etiquette and the Season, Leonore Davidoff -- An underrated gem.

London’s Pleasures: From Restoration to Regency, David Kerr Cameron -- It really does help to know where Regency pleasures came from.
Shops & Shopping, Allison Aldberg -- Because I love shopping.

The A to Z of Regency London, Harry Margary -- You can't have too many maps.

A Country House Companion, Mark Girouard -- Great photos and information.

Miss Weeton, Journal of A Governess, 1811-1835 -- Source material is always the best.

The Family, Sex and Marriage: In England 1500 - 1900, Lawrence Stone -- Stone makes it all clear.

Road to Divorce, Lawrence Stone
Marriage, Debt, and the Estates System, English Landownership, 1650-1950, Sir John Habakkuk -- It really does help to know this stuff.

The History of Underclothes, Willet and Cunnington -- Makes the undressing and dressing scenes easier to write.

A New System of Domestic Cookery for Private Families, by a Lady (Mrs. Rundell) -- It's not just about the cooking.

Food in History, Reay Tannahil -- A wonderful history of food, and oh, those meals!

Sporting Art: 1700 – 1900, Stella Walker -- Art books can be great sources of inspiration.
The Celebrated Captain Barclay: Sport, Gambling and Adventure in Regency Times, Peter Radford

The School of Fenching With a General Explanation, Henry Angelo -- This is probably more technical than most folks want, but if you're going to do a fencing scene, do it right.

Hell and Hazard, Henry Blyth -- Everything you need to know about gambling.

The Duel: A History, Robert Baldick -- Lots of great stories.

Fox Hunting, Jane Ridley -- Very well written.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Firearms, Ian V. Hogg  -- I love illustrated books.

The Purchase System in the British Army, 1660-1871, Anthony Bruce -- Terrific information.

Horse and Carriage; The Pageant of Hyde Park, J.N.P. Watson -- Great images.
Side saddle Riding, Betty Skelton -- It's not as difficult as most folks seem to think.

Mind of the Horse, Henry Blake -- If you have horses in your books, read this book first.
Horse & Carriage, J.N.P. Watson -- An excellent resource for anyone who loves horses.

The Elegant Carriage, Marilyn Watney -- A charming, lovely little book.
A More Expeditious Conveyance; The Story of the Royal Mail Coaches, Bevan Rider -- Great information on coaches and the coaching roads.

Cary's New Itinerary Great Roads (yearly editions), John Cary -- Maps, details, and even traveling descriptions. A book beyond value!

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