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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cats in History

I'm Peachcup, an American short hair and mother of four. Three of my kittens are blessing the homes of other humans while my daughter, Freya, and I have remained as caretakers to Jennifer and her mate and kit. As you know, cats are not only the wisest and most beautiful of God's creations, but we have a noble history as well.

The Egyptians, an unusually intelligent group of humans, worshipped cats and loved us deeply. Some pharohs even mummified their cats and buried us with them. Err, there is a such thing as too much adoration. Unlike those inbred Anubis worshippers, some realized the feline is a link between this reality and alternate ones. You have seen a cat stare into nothing and run for no apparent reason? Well, he was in contact with a different dimension and may not have liked what he saw, or the creature wasn't interesting enough to hold his attention.

We don't always suffer fools graciously. Don't even get me started on those morons during the black death! The plague was brought on by rats. Rats! Cats are masters at destroying rats, but were we appreciated? Oh no, we were accused of being in league with evil and killed.
Ugh! The rat population grew and the disease spread, killing a large portion of the population.

Sadly, our mysterious communications have been misunderstood by humans, and there have been times we have suffered for it. Our glowing eyes have been mistaken for demon posession, the fierce battle cry we howl have frightened humans on occasion.
We have persevered despite it all, and there have been humans who have recognized our value.

During WW2, cats sensed and heard bomber planes before the humans did, we hid in the bomb shelters and the humans followed. We saved many lives. Winston Churchill even gave England's cats a medal for our dedication!
We were touched, though a little tuna would have been nice.

Now we are in a new century with a better understanding of how to live with each other. I am happy with my daughter, we have work and a place to play. The neighbors keep their dogs behind a fence. There is no accounting for taste. I ignore them.
Freya likes to sit in the yard and make eye contact. Raising kittens is another blog.

Be well good people and have a wonderful New Year.
Peachcup Lynx Childers
Daughter of Bast

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