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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jennifer Childers

Hi there,

Like so many writers, I was the story teller in the group. We would pass ongoing stories during lunch and fantasize about cute guys in class.

Like facets on a diamond, I like lots of genres. Paranormal, fantasy, science fiction, inspirational and of course, history. People ask how writers get ideas. Are you kidding? History begs to be written, and there is literally a cast of millions to choose from.

I find it amusing how the same personality types prevail through the centuries. Remember the guy who couldn't understand how you could possibly resist him? He was the same type who, as a conquistador in 16th century Florida, captured an Indian maiden and kept her from the rest of her tribe.

One of his fellow conquistadors politely told him the Indians might have a kinder attitude toward the Spaniards if they would refrain from abducting thier women. It didn't help that the lady in question was the chief's mother!

We don't have to wonder what people were like; we've met them.

The tyrannical boss becomes a pirate captain, the office gossip a spy for the resistance, of course the heroine is a comopsite of women we have always known. Women who have been hurt, overlooked, and overwhelmed, who come in the ring swinging and won't stop until the final bell. The kind of woman who gets knocked down but struggles to her feet for one more round. she is our mother, our sister, the heart of history and the reason we have one. Our nurturer, our fighter, our self.


Joyce Moore said...

Jennifer: So true. Humankind hasn't changed that much, just the setting. Enjoyed reading your blog!

Jen Childers said...

Thank you!
There is so much to write about with history, its hard to find a starting point.
take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jen! I think almost all writers have some sense of history, even those who write SciFi and futuristics. Good luck to all of you with the new blog!

- Silver James